Wolf Fang on PSN and in Video Game Robotics HD

Mech shooter Wolf Fang came out on PlayStation Network today, which is actually perfect timing, because over the weekend Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. showed off the new Wolf Fang kit for the just announced Video Game Robotics HD line. Wolf Fang the game and a new Wolf Fang VGR kit just a few days apart? Incredible timing.

Get ready for Wolf Fang.

Wolf Fang is part of MonkeyPaw's six week PSOne import releases. Even though it's a completely different kind of shooter, Wolf Fang is actually the sequel to Vapor Trail. Crazy, huh? I absolutely loved Vapor Trail in the arcades and played it a lot on the Genesis. Well, Data East completely switched gears for the sequel and made a side-scrolling mech game instead of a top-down shooter with jets. It does have a few of the same power-ups, though. In Wolf Fang you can choose four standard mechs or create your own. I've downloaded it already and it is pretty awesome. Wolf Fang is such a great game and I'm incredibly excited that it got released on the North American PSN store.

Wolf Fang in HD! Kind of.

At Japan's Wonder Festival 2014 Winter Sitting right next the awesome Mega Drive Megatron was the Wolf Fang kit. It's difficult to see the pieces of the toy itself, but the large backer image is undeniable. Fortunately, CollectionDX was able to get a close image of the Wolf Fang and all its parts. All those parts are there to customize your own mech... just like in the game! *gasp* It looks like VGRHD might be Takara Tomy's reboot of the line, like Shooting Game Historica Reboot was for SGH.

T-ARTS' standalone Wolf Fang mechs were previously available in Video Game Robotics 1 and 1 SP, and in Shooting Game Historica 3 and 3 SP. The new kit is like all the mechs rolled into one. And it includes the little support jet pack guy! Awesome! Takara Tomy's website has a teaser image for VGRHD with "Coming Soon" on the picture. Painted photos of the new HD Wolf Fang kit should be up soon.

What's that next to Mega Drive Megatron? Wolf Fang!

- Shawn - 2/11/14