Warning: Figma Iron Fossil is Approaching Fast

Now is a good time to be a longtime Darius fan. Freeing revealed their massive Iron Fossil ship, based on the DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviors version, the newest entry in the long running Darius series. At approximately 13-inches long, it will be the largest Figma produced so far. It has 35 moveable Figma joints and all of the 32 scales are articulated. The promo video is amazing and really captures the intensity of the the bosses in Darius games.


It includes a small unpainted Silverhawk. Since itís in scale, the tiny Silverhawk could be smaller than the previous Shooting Game Historica ships, but Iíll still set up the SGH ships taking on the Fossil. Also, many of the DLC ships from other shooter series have been made it into the SGH line, so you could put those in the same diorama for a massive battle. The video also has the Shooting Game Historica logo, so Freeing just might have teamed-up with Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. to include it in the SGH line.

The Iron Fossil isn't the only massive Darius battleship getting a Figma; The Knight Fossil is also being made. The Knight Fossil is simply a repaint of Iron Fossil, but that's how it's been in the Darius series since the early games; a similar ship, but re-colored and more powerful, appears in a more difficult game path. The Knight Fossil seems to be a Good Smile web exclusive, so finding that version may be slightly more difficult than the King Fossil, although it can be ordered at BigBadToyStore. Also, the Knight Fossil really goes well with Transformersí Galvatron.

These are scheduled to be out in August. I am wondering if there will be other Darius Figmas after this one. While as awesome as it would be, it would get very pricey very quickly.

- Shawn - 3/14/2017