Udon's Mega Man and Street Fighter Hardcovers for SDCC '13

Udon usually has at least one or two hardcover exclusives for SDCC, but this year they're going all out with six. If you love Udon's exclusives then you are in for some awesomeness at Comic-Con this year. Udon kind of teased an exclusive hardcover version of MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works back in May, but now they have officially announced the massive 432-page SDCC exclusive hardcover edition. The hardcover has a shiny blue laser foil dust jacket with a Mega Man schematic on the actual hardcover. This beast will be $100, but if you missed out on the two previous Mega Man books and you like hardcovers then it's mega worth it.

Only the best blue laser foil for Mega Man.

Udon announced not one, but three exclusive Street Fighter books. These will be exclusive "Vs." hardcover editions of Street Fighter Origins: Akuma, Super Street Fighter Volume 1, and Street Fighter Classic Volume 1. These three books feature Vs. artwork on the front and back covers of the dust jacket, with a beach pin-up image of a Street Fighter lady on the reverse. Origins: Akuma features Akuma Vs. Gouken art with Sakura on the beach. Super Street Fighter features Guile Vs. Juri with a Juri on the beach. Street Fighter Classic features Ryu Vs. Sagat and Chun on the beach. The prices for these range from $40 - 60. I'm not sure which one is $60 because the Udon blog and the Comic-Con site both list a different one at $60. I'm definitely down for the Akuma and Super books since these books are new. I already have the original Street Fighter hardcovers, though so Classic would just be buying the same thing again with a different cover, so I probably won't be getting that one.

Just what are these Street Fighter ladies wearing? Will Udon keep it a mystery until SDCC?

Udon does have more than just Mega Man and Street Fighter at SDCC, with a Brutal Legend: Heavy Metal Slipcase edition and World of Warcraft Tribute hardcover art book. I'm really into either of these games, but these editions look fantastic for the fans who are. Check out Udon or Comic-Con for more info.

- Shawn - 6/24/13