Turian Cruiser Replica Cruising In

Dark Horse continues their line of Mass Effect replicas with the Turian Cruiser. Hmm, maybe Dark Horse really will eventually make all the in-game model ships Shepard can buy to spruce up her/his quarters on the Normandy. This is a cool looking ship, but I wish all these replicas were more in-scale. The Turian Cruiser will be approximately 6" long and have a sculpted base, so the base in the photo probably isn't the final one. It also includes a DLC code, which will probably be a random piece of DLC equipment for the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. The Turian Cruiser is currently up for pre-order at the BioWare Store for a November release.

The Turian flex their military might with a sharp looking Cruiser.

- Shawn - 4/27/13