Toy Fair '15 Thoughts

Toy Fair 2015 debuted a lot of cool figures and here are some of the things that peaked my collector interest. Since I wasn't able to attend, I scoured all the various photos posted by other sites and here are my thoughts on some of the countless things shown off at the show. All photos that aren't provided press photos are from Action Figure Insider and, so be sure to check out the galleries and coverage at those two sites for TONS more awesome pictures of everything.

Hasbro Transformers: The biggest and best thing I've seen form Toy Fair was the new Devastator. The Constructicons are the larger Voyager class size, so Devastator will be about 2 feet tall. Finally the Constructicons are the size they should be. This set will run $150, which is a decent price for the size of everything. I can totally see Hasbro doing a yellow and purple G2 variant for SDCC.

A new IDW Ultra Magnus is coming with a Minimus Ambus figure that can be put in his chest. If you don't understand why there's a smaller character inside Ultra Magnus it's because in the IDW comics they revealed that the real UM died long ago and after that a smaller robots wear the armor to become UM so that it seems like UM can't be killed. There are a lot of Combiner Wars figures, too. I'm excited for all these combiners, but not because then you're going to have to buy all of them.

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Revealed before Toy Fair, the Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile looks amazing. It can fit two figures, have lights, and be around 2-feet long. It's will be $99, but for a probably in-scale vehicle for the 6" figures and one as iconic as this, it'll be worth it. They're doing more figures, too, but it includes the New Batman Adventures versions of Bane and Scarecrow, which both pale in comparison to their Animated Series designs. Also, Roxy Rocket is fantastic.

NECA Commando: I was envious of Hot Toys' John Matrix Commando figure but I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it, However, NECA is making their own and it looks fantastic. The 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition will include a bunch of accessories to make it the only Commando you'll ever need. NECA is also maing an Ultimate T2 figures with all the accessroies.

NECA Godzilla: if you missed out on the MonsterArts version, like I did, NECA is making a Godzilla 1954 in black & grayscale. I also missed out on Burning godzilla, but NECA's shoudl also nicely fill that void. The figures are great and they're 1/4 of the price of MonsterArts and roughly the same size, so they're great for the more budget conscious. Godzilla 1954 probably won't be in scale like the MonsterArts kind of tend to be, but then it'll probably be bigger, which is a good thing for those who thought the MonsterArts '54 Godzilla was too small. NECA is of course continuing their videogame line with an 8-bit Godzilla, a Rambo, and a Gremlin.

NECA Aliens: NECA continues to create some amazing Aliens figures. There's the Power Loader, Queen Alien, a couple Ripleys, and even Bishop torn in half. NECA is also making a quarter scale Alien, which might be the first of their quarter scales that I'd considering getting.

NECA Pacific Rim: Not content with just making all the Jaegers and Kaiju and concept Kaiju, NECA will be have a set of "in movie" chibi figures at SDCC this year. I'm there.

Bluefin Tamashii Nations MonsterArts: Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be lots of Godzilla MonsterArts figures coming out anymore. There were quite a bit for a while, but now the only news are Mecha King Ghidorah and a new version of Godzilla 2014. We've known about Mecha King Ghidorah for a while, but the new variation on Godzilla 2014 is new. It has translucent spines, a burst effect, and a severed Muto head. I haven't seen any pics of the severed Muto head yet, though, so I hope it actually does include it.

Dark Horse Halo replicas: Dark Horse's Mass Effect ship replicas must be a success since they will be making replicas of ships from the Halo universe. On display were the UNSC Infinity, a Covenant Cruiser, and a Pelican. Of course, these won't be to scale. I can see a possible SDCC Halo exclusive ship in the future, like they have done with the Mass Effect ships.

Mezco Mortal Kombat X: Mezco is the latest toymaker to have the Mortal Kombat license and from the looks of what was on display, they'll have the best Mortal Kombat figures yet. They'll be in 4" and 6" sizes, as well as a 12" figure or two. There will also be plush and Mez-its. I'm going to have so many more Scorpion. and Sub Zeros.

Mezco 1:12 Collective: Mezco's Law master for Dredd looks super cool, but I'll wait to see how ThreeA's looks before deciding which one to get. Although, if ThreeA does a different version of the Lawmaster you could get both!

Star Wars Black: A Wampa Tauntaun and Luke and Han in Hoth gear. So, are one of these creatures going to have an SDCC exclusive, or will it be something new?

Kotobukiya Bishoujo: Kotobukiya is making a Bishoujo Sniper Wolf. Nothing but a silhouette right now, but I assume we'll be seeing Sniper Wolf with more cleavage than ever. I still don't understand how a Bishoujo Tali will work. She's all in armor and a face mask so won't it just look like regular Tali with exaggerated proportions?

Square Enix Play Arts Kai: Square Enix is adding Marvel to their Variant Play Arts Kai line, but what's important is that Final Fantasy XII's Fran will finally be getting a PAK figure.

ThreeZero Mass Effect: ThreeZero had their incredible Mass Effect's Legion on display. This might be hard to pass up.

Mattel Masters of the Universe: Mattel has a Master of the Universe 200X mini subscription coming with Callix, Evil Seed, King Chooblah, Ceratus, Queen Grayskull, and Prahvus. The sub also includes a heads accessory pack with 200X heads for previously released characters. As a fan of the 200X series it's tempting to get the full sub for the figures, but I'll be getting Evil Seed for sure, at least.

Jakks Pacific Nintendo: That Metroid is seriously awesome and is going to sell out fast. If you see it, buy it.

Jakks Pacific is also making 8-bit Nintendo plush of Mario, Luigi, and Link. These looks great.

Diamond Select Minimates: There are TMNT Minimates based on the new cartoon, but soon there will be a set based on the originals, all in red masks. I can see a black & white variant set coming for these. Perhaps at SDCC?

Funko Legacy: This looks like the only Rocketeer figure you'll ever need, which is a good thing. The rest of the shown Legacy figures I don't really care about.

Funko ReAction: Funko is bringing out a ridiculous amount of ReAction figures. The only ones I own are the original Super7 Alien series. I've seen all the others at retail and have been tempted to buy to buy some, but then I look them over more and just can't bring myself to do it. That said, there are new licenses that are going to tempt me again, with even more that don't fit the era of this type of figure. Fifth Element, Terminator 2, and Big Trouble in Little China chief among them. I kind of wish I liked these more. Oh, and Taxi Driver? Why?

Funko cute stuff: I'll go over the rest of Funko's new stuff using Rocket Raccoons as a focus. The Super Deluxe Vinyl rocket Raccoon is cute and a badass at the same time.

One of Funko's new lines, Mopeez take all our favorite superheroes and make them look sad. I like the idea of these and can totally get behind a depressed Rocket Raccoon. Mopeez Spider-Man doesn't work, though. He has a mask, so you can't tell how he's feeling.

Dorbz are super adorable versions of all our favorite characters. Totz dorbz, bro.

Finally, what the hell is happening with Rocket here? It's like Steroid Rocket Raccoon. This is the Hasbro's Hero Mashers version of him and like I said, I like most Rocket Raccoon, but this is one I'll most likely be skipping.

- Shawn - 2/22/15