Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: Transformers

Hasbro showed off a ton of Transformers at Toy Fair, including new Generations, movie Dinobots and Transformers, and a second chance at Masterpiece Grimlock. Here's some of the Transformers stuff I found interesting.

Transformers Generations

Transformers Generations is getting lots of cool stuff, primarily an amazing new Jetfire. This figure looks incredible in jet and robots modes. He can also have a mask less or masked face, which is a fantastic detail. I wonder if Harmony Gold is going to try to sue Hasbro for this one.

The SDCC Jetfire set was the best G.I. Joe thing from last year and Generations Jetfire is the best Transformers thing coming out this year.

The winning fan-built Transformer is Windblade, a female Autobot with an energy sword and black/red color scheme who transforms into a VTOL jet. She's almost like an Autobot version of Thrust. Her face is very Kabuki-inspired and it's kind of interesting that the two newest additions to the G1 roster, Windblade and Drift, are both basically Japanese Autobots. The fans chose well with her and Hasbro made a new cool looking Transformer.

A new female for the Autobot boys to fight over.

Other Generations bots include a new version of flying robo-shark Skybite, Jihaxus (a repaint of Armada Starscream), Roadbuster, and Nightbeat (repaint of IDW Bumblebee). Yep, lots of great stuff for the Generations line.

Frakking awesome.


It looks like Masterpiece Grimlock is getting re-released. This makes sense since Grimlock is a huge part of Transformers: Age of Extinction. This is also great because I missed out on him the first time. The packaging matches the Masterpiece Soundwave packaging from last year, which looks much better than the original clear packaging. I don't know if there are any added accessories, but since many fans missed out on it the first time, I don't think people will mind. I have a feeling this might debut at SDCC this year, like Soundwave from last year. Masterpiece Optimus also has a re-release, albeit with gold highlights instead of chrome.

"Me Grimlock give puny humans second chance at greatness."

Transformers: Age of Extinction

So, the "Dinobots" were all shown off in a multitude of colors, all in the overly-complicated movie style. Grimlock is a golden color, like the G1 version, but I don't remember seeing gold on him in the trailer. I doubt we'll see any of the Dinobots looking as colorful as the toys in the movie.

"Me Grimlock am pointy all over."

That two-headed thing from the trailer is known as Strafe, not Swoop. I don't understand why the Pterodactyl needs two-heads. There was an old Transformers character with two-heads, but it wasn't a Dinobot; it was a Monsterbot named Doublecross who transformed into a two-headed dragon. If Strafe was a dragon, I could understand the two heads, but it's supposed to be a Dinobot. The movie Slug, the Triceratops with its purple and red color scheme, looks like it would pair well with the Transformers Prime Shockwave.

Why does the Pterodactyl have two heads?

Slug is apparently taking design advice form Transformers Prime Shockwave.

Apparently the black semi is not Motormaster or Nemesis Prime, but Galvatron, which is a weird choice for the character. Well, if Galvatron ends up being Megatron, then I guess it's not a weird choice considering the movie universe. Also, Hound looks to be a combination of Hound (in name), Bulkhead (in size), and Kup (cigar). With big beard. On the bright side of movie toys is a movie Optimus Prime in a G1-style semi. Guess what? The G1 style truck works in the movie style, showing everyone that yes, they could have made Transformers movies with G1 Transformers. The only problem I have is that it has the ridiculous movie face and not the masked face, other than that it might actually be a movie Transformer that I could be interested in.

Will Galvatron be a rebuilt Megatron or an entirely different character?

Oh look, G1 style and movie style do work together.

There are a ton of other Transformers coming out, so check out Tomopop, Action Figure Insider, and for lots more photos, including Transformers toys where you basically stand a car on its end for the robot mode. Sweet Primus, the Playschool Transformers are more complicated that that.

- Shawn - 2/17/14