Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: ThreeA

This may have been ThreeA's first time at Toy Fair, but they had a ton of stuff packed into their booth. ThreeA puts out a lot of cool figures, too many, in fact. Here are some thoughts on some of their offereings, but check out ThreeA's own Toy Fair '14 galleries here and here.

ThreeA's prototype for Doctor Doom was on display at Toy Fair, next to the various colorways of Iron Man. The style certainly matches the Iron Man. I like it, but for me, it doesn't seem as huge of a departure from regular Doctor Doom that the Iron Man was. Maybe once it's painted it'll be everything I want from an Ashley Wood-styled Doom. It's a little difficult to tell, but It appears that the figure could have LED lighting going through his armor. It looks like his legs are lit up and the lines on his torso and chest look similar to the leg lines. This Doom might be more interesting that I initially thought. I'm guessing there has to be a variant Doombot, too.

Those legs in Doom's legs look like they're glowing. Will Doom have LEDs going through his armor?

Metal Gear REX was right up in front of the booth. A damn fine way to welcome Toy Fair attendees, if you ask me. Damn that thing looks friggin' huge.

That wingspan is over 3 feet long.

The red Mars robot will be the first int hte World's Best Robtos line. It looks insanely cool. If I had tons of disposable income I could easily get into WBR. That Squid Pascha next to Mars was a super limited release with the Bear Paschas. I tried to get one when it went it went on sale, but was too slow with my clicks.

Squid Pascha can't contain her excitement when she's next to Mars.

For other videogame stuff that isn't Metal Gear, the Killzone Helghast Hazmat Trooper was on display, along with the Portal bots, Team Fortress' Robot Pyros, and the previously sold out Team Fortress Sandvich. I was a little surprised that ThreeA's Master Chief wasn't on display as he's supposedly the next for their Halo figure.

The Helghast would kill for a tasty Sandvich.

Atlas, P-body, and a couple of the Companion Squares from SDCC 2012.

Robot Pyros just hanging out.

I love the small Evenfall T.O.T.E.M. Thug Suit models, but ThreeA had a huge figure version on display. I didn't think they could get so big.

A Thug Suit that big could crush anything.

I would love to see the Adventure Kartel figures retail display at an actual retail place somewhere, but who knows if that'll ever happen.

ThreeA displays at Toys 'R' Us? That'll be the the day. Maybe a comic shop, though.

ThreeA had a lot of things on display that have already sold out. Those Xmas Beer Girls included a beer bottle with a matching label to the girls' outfits.

Get some Xmas Beer Girls with your Xmas cheer.

Oh, and apparently Ashley Wood and Todd McFarlane are teaming up for something. Maybe some Spawn figures or something original? Whatever it is, it'll be awesome.

- Shawn - 2/22/14