Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: Square Enix

Square Enix has a ton a cool Play Arts Kai figures coming out, including new licenses like Appleseed and Titanfall, along with brand new and some previously revealed figures for Final Fantasy, DC, Metal Gear Solid, Robocop, and Aliens. There didn't seem to be any Tekken or Street Fighter figures, though. I was kind of hoping to see at least one or two more Tekken figures, but the Appleseed figures more than made up for it.


Appleseed Play Arts Kai figures? Damn, I love these already. Deunan and Briareos were in unpainted prototype form, but look amazing. These are the Play Arts Kai figures I'm personally most excited for. They're apparently based on the characters' look in the upcoming Appleseed Alpha, but their looks doesn't seem that different then their look in the other Appleseed stuff. And you know what this could potentially lead to? More Masamune Shirow characters, maybe even Ghost in the Shell Play Arts Kai.


I guess it shouldn't surprise me that there will be Play Arts Kai Titanfall figures since there's so much hype surrounding the game. The prototype looks cool, I'll give it that. Will the final pilot figure be articulated so that it can actually sit in the cockpit, though? Also, that super expensive Collector's Edition of the game should come with this figure instead of the statue. It's lower the ridiculous price, at least.


Square Enix's classic Robocop looking awesome. I'm still not sure if the leg actually opens up or if it partially opens, or if that piece just comes off. It still looks fantastic, though, and I'd love to add this to my collection. The two version of new Robocop were also on display, but most people don't care about him.

Final Fantasy

The painted Bahamut was there and holy crap is that is awesome looking figure. It's huge and is going to be onen pricey figure, even by Play Arts Kai standards. That Dragoon is pretty sweet, too.

Static Play Arts for Final Fantasy figures look like the Theatrhythm interpretations of the characters. I'm not big on the rosy cheeks for everybody, but the Moogle and Chocobo are insanely adorable. Square Enix will also be making stress balls? Weird. The first two will be Cactuar and a Chocobo.


Yes, Aliens: Colonial Marines was a crappy game, but it does lead to some great figures, because Aliens are still Aliens. The two Aliens were fully painted and on display and looking amazing. I'm happy with NECA's but if I ever feel the need for a huge super-articulated Aliens figure to take on my other Play Arts Kai figures, I'll know where to turn.


Square Enix continues their onslaught of established and their original Variant version of Dc characters. Variant Harley Quinn, Joker, and Darkseid were there in prototype form, along with a fully painted Variant Hawkman. There are lots of Arkham Origins figures, including a sweet Deathstroke. Oh, and a Rorschach? He looks cool and the alternate heads is a smart addition. Square Enix is also making the Variant DC characters in their cute Static Arts style.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

The Snake figure looks great, but I'm still going to have to get used to his new voice in the game. I'm surprised a Skull Face prototype wasn't on display.

There are tons more photos of all these figures over at Action Figure Insider and Thanks to them for posting these great photos.

- Shawn - 2/18/14