Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: Lost Planet

Here's something unexpected from Toy Fair; a new line of Lost Planet 3 figures from Toy Notch. The figures are 3.75" tall, allowing them to have in-scale vehicles and Vital Suits, which is pretty awesome. At this scale, I could potentially see some G.I. Joe figures utilizing those vehicles. I've never heard of Toy Notch before and a look at their website shows that Lost Planet 3 is all they have right now. Apparently Toy Notch had these on display at SDCC last year, but they were kind of hidden. Man, I wish I would have found these when I was there. Maybe I saw them, but didn't realize it. Thankfully, found them at the Bluefin booth and got a bunch of photos of the figures and vehicles from  this year's Toy Fair.

The pilot doesn't actually ride the top of the Hardballer, he can sit inside.

Lost Planet games have some cool mech designs and I like the looks of the random mercenaries. There are so many different figures that Toy Notch could make from all the various outfits in the game. There aren't any of the ladies in battle thongs yet, but if the line does well maybe we'll see them. Personally, I'm hoping they have some of the bigger Akrid creatures planned. Although, I think doing in-scale figures of those would be too big and too cost prohibitive.

Sorry, no battle thongs... yet.

The figures look good so far, but my main concern about these is how well these will sell. Lost Planet isn't exactly the biggest or most popular videogame franchise out there. It seemed liked for the sequels there was a ton of hype leading up to the release, but then once it was out, the hype and people seemed to drop off pretty quickly. Hell, I was very surprised when Lost Planet 3 was originally announced. Plus the price sounds a tad high at around $20 per figure and the big Hardballer Vital Suit at $80. The figures are said to include a lot of accessories, though, which is always good. I hope these do well, as I would hate to see a brand new toy company's first line to fail. The figures and Vital Suits have some good designs, though, and maybe there are legions of Lost Planet fans that want squads of figures. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos at

Standing cool at Toy Fair.

- Shawn - 2/25/14