Toy Fair '14 Thoughts: Batman The Animated Series

From all the Toy Fair reveals the 6" Batman: The Animated Series figures surprised me the most. These are something I never thought I'd see. These look just like the amazing animated series from the 90s and have lots of articulation with Batman at 24 points and Catwoman at 25. Batman is actually The New Adventures of Batman version when the show brought in new designs for some of the characters in 1997, but it's not too far off from The Animated Series style. I still hope they have a true TAS Batman in the works, though.

For accessories, Catwoman will include her whip, cat stars, camera, and necklace. Batman will probably have lots of wonderful toys, too.

The first series will have four figures, with TAS Catwoman, and TNBA figures of Batman, Mr. Freeze, and Two-Face. I prefer the TAS style over TNBA, but I'll probably end up getting Batman anyway. Apparently the second series will have three TAS designs and one TNBA design. I'm a little surprised that DC Collectibles didn't do the reverse with three TAS figures up front as it is the more iconic animated style. Either way, I'm excited that we're finally seeing some super-articulated love for one of the best cartoons ever. The first series should be released later this year.

DC has a bazillion other figures coming out, but none as cool as what's above. The Greg Capullo Artist series looks pretty sweet, though. Also, there's Harley Quinn in pajamas. With a butt-flap.

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- Shawn - 2/23/14