ThunderCats Minimates Are Ever Living at SDCC '13

Ancient spirits of evil have transformed a tiny decayed form into Minimate Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living, one of the new figures in the ThunderCats Minimates Series 4 box set. Like the first ThunderCats Minimates set, the Series 4 set is a Comic-Con exclusive from Action Figure Xpress and Icon Heroes. Aside from Mumm-Ra, this set contains young naive Lion-O, living Jaga (the previous Jaga Minimate was ghost Jaga), Grune, and Ma-Mutt. Not only does the set include the Sword of Omens, the Sword of Plun-darr, and alternate hands for Mumm-Ra, but Jaga even includes an alternate head so he can be young or old Jaga.

Face the full fury of Minimate Mumm-Ra. And Ma-Mutt.

The ThunderCats Minimates and AFX's other SDCC exclusives can be pre-ordered for pickup at the show, which is always a welcome practice, or can be pre-ordered and shipped to your home. I'm not sure if there will be more ThunderCats Minimates sets after this one. There are still some characters I would like to see get made into Minimates, like the Snowman and Snowmeow. Icon Heroes could always make the Lunatacs, which should be a shoe-in for another set.

- Shawn - 6/13/13