ThreeA's Showa Stormtroopers Have Armor

When ThreeA released their first stylized versions of Star Wars Stormtroopers, the Lonely Star Warrior TK, I was hesitant to add one to my collection. The design looked weird to me because it looked more like the figure was wearing a tracksuit than armor. I tend to like many of Ashley Wood's re-designs, but after a lot of going back and forth on them, I did not get one. Well, ThreeA Stormtrooper has been updated and it's amazing, like everything I was looking for the first time around. The Showa TK Trooper V2 is fully armored and looks like an alternate or even a concept version of a normal Stormtrooper.

These Troopers are on sale now and have six versions available, with four of them exclusive to the Bambaland store. The two normal releases that will be available at other retailers are the Sand Trooper-esque Arid Patrol and the all-black Black Sun Commando. The others on at Bambaland are the "normal Stormtrooper" Ranger, the Captain Phasma-ish Silver Commander, the blank canvas Do-It-Yourself Happy TK, and exclusive to 3AA members is the Suicide Rose Commando. There are no photos of the Suicide Rose, but it will have rose-gold colored armor, which could look bizarre or awesome on Stormtrooper.

Each Trooper stands 13-inches tall with 28 points of articulation, interchangeable hands, and various guns and/or swords. The prices range from $200 - 240 depending on which one you want. I'm going for the normal Ranger since it's basically exactly the Ashley Wood re-design I was looking for since the Lonely Star Warriors. Later down the line I may think of getting a Arid Patrol to round out my original trilogy fix. Check out all the specs and photos at Bambaland.

- Shawn - 12/15/16