ThreeA's Half-Size Rex Goes Less with More

ThreeA's Metal Gear Rex Half-Size Edition is just as incredible as the enormous original, but it could be even better than it's big brother. Although smaller, it's just as detailed and amazing as it's big brother. Half-Size Rex has improved articulation, meaning Rex can now turn his head. The knee panels can now be opened and closed instead of being completely removed. It's not entirely clear if still has the Railgun firing sequence, but ThreeA claims it "retains the light-up system" so that probably means it does. Half-Size Rex's smaller frame has a resting height of 8.35" and a 7.35" width with an 11.5" Railgun. Apparently there won't be a Bambaland exclusive version this time, so no little Snake to place in the cockpit. I was wondering (and scared) that there would be an alternate colorway, but I guess not. Or maybe not yet? With this smaller size anything is possible for new colorways. For now, the camo Rex is the only ThreeA Rex; it's just in two sizes.

All the features of the original Rex at half the size.

The price is a more manageable $230 (compared to the original's price) and pre-orders start April 23rd at 9:00am Hong Kong time, so the night of April 22nd for us in the U.S. They don't say when half-Rex will be shipped out, but I hope it's a faster turn-around than normal big Rex was. Check out the Half-Size Rex LookBook for lots of photos.

Now get to saving more pennies because Metal Gear Ray Half-Size Edition will be up for pre-order in May.

- Shawn - 4/21/15