ThreeA's Diabolical Doctor Doom

Ashley Wood's second re-imagined Marvel figure is the diabolically evil Doctor Doom, who is up for pre-order over at Bambaland right now. There are three versions of Doom: Classic Doom, Stealth Doom, and Ghost Doom. Classic is close to the classic coloring we know, even though the cape doesn't look all that green. Stealth Doom is all in black. Ghost Doom, on the other hand is completely white and is also the Bambaland exclusive. The 1/6 scale figures stand 13" tall and have LED lighting in the eyes, chest, and thighs. There are also nipples on the armor because Doom demands it.

Reed Richards can't possibly stop Doom in Ghost or Stealth armor.

The figures went up for pre-order on 10/31. I'm not sure how much longer the figures will be up, but it may only be a couple more days with everything else ThreeA has planned for November. Check out ThreeA's Doom Lookbook with a lot more photos.

- Shawn - 11/5/14