ThreeA's Lost Planet 2 Mercenary Hunts for Akrid

ThreeA's first figure emerging from their team-up with Capcom will be the 1/6 scale Mercenary from Lost Planet 2. This figure looks amazing and includes two weapons and multiple extra hands. He looks to have a full body suit to have full articulation while hiding all of it. I just wish I was more of a Lost Planet fan to get this. If ThreeA were to ever make any of the Akrids, well, that would be awesome. The Mercenary will be out very soon on June 21st for $160 over at Bambaland, which is a pretty good price for a 1/6 ThreeA figure. I'm almost tempted to get this to stand him next to the ThreeA Halo Spartan, but SDCC is soon so there are other things I should probably get instead. There's no word on when the massive Drio mech is coming out yet either, but what I really want to know is if ThreeA will be making anything from other Capcom properties. I certainly hope so.

Mercenary is looking for some work.

Lots of hands, but no Akrids to fight them with.

- Shawn - 6/19/13