ThreeA Honors Killzone's Helghast for the Glory of Helghan

In the midst of their Invincible Iron Man event, ThreeA have posted photos of the recently confirmed Helghast Hazmat Trooper. The Killzone enemy has the awesome red LED eyes, because you need the signature glowing eyes for a real Helghast figure and ThreeA isn't going to let those details slip by. The figure will stand 12.5" tall, is fully poseable, includes interchangeable hands, and the Sta-5X Arc Cannon with movable pistons. The Helghan Hazmat Trooper is up for pre-order already at some online retailers for $150 and will be out later this year. I wonder if ThreeA will be making al the Helghan soldiers. It probably depends on how well this guy sells.

For the glory of Helghan! And New Helghan. And the other side of the wall.

You know, I really want to play a Killzone game as the Helghast.

- Shawn - 2/12/14