The First Turtle Figure is Mondo Tubuloso

The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was drawn by Kevin Eastman as a joke. The turtle was drawn on a napkin and had Nunchucks strapped to to it arms. At SDCC '14, Mondo showed off The First Turtle vinyl figure based on Eastman's original sketch. It was very awesome how they captured all of Eastman's lines and sketch marks on the figure. Mondo's figure has five points or articulation, which is kind of surprising because I wasn't expecting it to have any.

The First Turtle was essentially Michelangelo. Cowabunga!

Pre-orders for the figure were originally scheduled to start in Fall 2014, but for whatever reason they had been delayed until now. Pre-orders opened up a couple days ago on Mondo's site. There were four versions of the figure available; the black & white version, a colored version with a red mask (when all the turtles had the same color), and a second colored version with an orange mask. The fourth version was limited to 300 pieces and already sold out. That one was a deluxe black & white figure with two alternate heads with red and orange masks, and a 5 x 7" print of the original sketch. The deluxe version was $100, but the other three are priced at $65, which seems like a lot for a 6.5" figure. The first Turtle will ship during the fourth quarter of this year. I love the old versions of the ninja turtles so I think this would be an amazing figure to have in a collection.

- Shawn - 5/17/15