SVCC 2016: Year One

This was the inaugural show for Silicon Valley Comic-Con, a brand new convention by Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee. At Big Wow Comic Fest last year, there was a bull-riding booth promoting SVCC and free T-Shirts. Ever since Big Wow I had been wondering how SVCC would turn out. I can say I'm very happy I attended. Also, how many times do you get to see the origins of what could become something big?

There will be no Big Wow this year because it was a part of SVCC, which was both good and bad. It had the name recognition of Big Wow, so people who attended Big Wow before would know some of the things to expect. However, with SVCC taking most of the floor space, there wasn't much for Big Wow, which mainly focuses on artists. The artists alley was very small compared to the usual amount space Big Wow gives artists. I was still able to meet some artists that I had wanted too, which was great. I was told from an inside source that SVCC and Big Wow will be separate next year, so those wanting just the Big Wow experience can count on it next year.

SVCC had a lot of things seen at other conventions, like celebrities, cosplay, booths to buy things, cool stuff on display, and artists willing to sign or draw for fans. There were a bunch of great celebrities for the  first show, including Stan Lee, William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Leah Thompson, Jeremy Renner, Nathan Fillion, and Ray Park to name a few. It was actually Michael J. Fox's first ever convention appearance, so that was a huge deal. Check out the upcoming SVCC posts for more on everything.

- Shawn - 3/26/16

Imperial Officers and Stormtroopers in formation... something is up.

Wait, just who is that Jedi Master?

It's Steve Wozniak!

Master Woz welcomes you to SVCC!

William Shatner signs for a lucky fan.

Shatner looking confused about something.

Nichelle Nichols signing for some fans.

Photos by Heidi.