SVCC 2016: Stan Lee

Stan Lee has become such a celebrity that he was off in his own section of the hall. The process was very controlled. You bought your $100 ticket, got in line, and waited for Stan to arrive. Cameras and phones were not allowed to be used at all and the line monitors threatened to kick people out of line if they saw them using their phones. Once you got up to Stan, you gave your item to an assistant, who slid it to Stan, Stan signed it, another assistant took it away and gave it back to you. There were no photos allowed of Stan at the table while he was signing your items. It was kind of an impersonal autograph experience, but it was Stan Lee, so you kind of had to do it just to kind of meet him and watch him sign whatever thing you had. Since we were press, we were allowed to get some photos off to the side, so we have some of him signing for other fans.

You could then go get a certificate of authenticity for an additional charge to "authenticate" your expensive-but-probably-worth-it signature. We were told this was Stan's last convention appearance in Northern California, so we had to do it. While he doesn't look or act like it, Stan is super old, so, as bad as it is to say, who knows how much time he's got left. You have to meet him when you can.

In the hall next to the autograph area, was a Stan Lee gallery, which was basically lots of art by comic artists of Marvel characters signed by Stan Lee. There was original art from Jack Kirby, Skottie Young, Frank Quitely, J. Scott Campbell and more. In fact, I think there was more art by J. Scott Campbell than anyone else because there was a lot from him. Enjoy the photos below and if there is a chance for you to meet Stan before he stops doing conventions, you better do it.

- Shawn - 4/2/16

Photos by Heidi.