SVCC 2016: Cosplay

SVCC's inaugural show had plenty of cosplay. Everything from Marvel, videogames, DC, Spawn, Star Trek, and even Doge soldiers, along with some other awesome mash-ups. There were also professional cosplayers with Valeries Perez, Alexandria the Red, My favorite this time was the boss Darth Vader Skeletor. Darth Skeletor? Skelevader? My favorite female cosplay was Edea form Final Fantasy VIII. That ornamental back piece must have gotten real uncomfortable at the the end of the day. Enjoy these sweet cosplays and see you next year!

- Shawn - 4/10/16

You shall not cross! The door? Sure, why not.

Mad Moxxi is always a favorite.

My two favorite cat-themed ladies.

Edea is here to make you forget you knew her.

Not sure if she is a character or just awesome cosplay.

I kind of love this.

Harley Quinn in a fancy dress.

Same Harley in a new outfit. And with a friend.

The opposite Harley.

Thorio? Marthor?

That Groot is amazing. Also a crazy buff Rocket.

Gamora out assassinating on her own.

Psylocke ready for action.

I have a feeling this No-Face has been at Fanime and/or Big Wow before.

T-Rex attack!

This Medieval Spawn kicks some ass.

Sisko and Data with wax Kirk.

We were next to this guy in the Stan Lee line.

Ackbar is almost worthy.

This is Commander Shepard's favorite cosplay contest.

Batgirl is on the case! Or will be in a bit.

Totoro on an off day.

Pepsi and Dew Knights drink a lot of soda.

Nightmare fuel.

Fallout people.

Constantine and Aqua woman looking for things.

This Woz cosplay is unbelievable. Oh wait, it's a wax figure.

Jedi Masters of the Universe.

A match-up I want to see in the next Star Wars movie.

Lady Loki, Brave, and Mighty Mouse walk into a bar...

I'm still not sure if Gingerbread Man stopped because he felt blocked by Kylo's lightsaber or if he was actually posing for the photo.