SVCC 2016: Back to the Future

One of the biggest draws, if not the biggest draw at SVCC was the Back to the Future reunion. The reunion was held on Saturday and there were people there just for that. The line for the Back to the Future panel was super long. The weird thing is that you had to pay to go to the panel. It was $10 to attend the panel, which was strange because I've never paid for a panel in any of my years of conventions. It was only $10, but still, it was weird. The idea was that you pay for the panel, then get your ticket or barcode scanned on the way in. At least that was the plan.

See, the panel started really late because I think they were waiting for the stars to get there. They may have started to scan codes to let people sit down, but by the time the stars arrived, they changed tactics because most people were still not seated. The SVCC line people finally just let everybody in; they didn't scan barcodes. Heck, I don't even think they were even looking at the codes, they just wanted to get the massive line of fans seated. Once most of the people were finally seated, the panel was able to start. The panel itself was great and I highly suggest watching it. FireReadyAim took a video of the panel which you can view here.


This was the first convention that Michael J. Fox has ever done, so it was kind of a huge deal. You could get his autograph, but it was $250. Plenty of fans got it, though, because when else are you going to get the chance at a Michael J. Fox autograph. If I had crazy monies I might have gotten it too. Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson were also doing signings for much cheaper. There was no more evidence of the Back to the Future panel's draw than the autograph area on Saturday versus Sunday. On Saturday, just the line for Christopher Lloyd was wrapping up and down his "corral" area and going up and down the outer aisle of the autograph area. The wait was probably a couple hours at that point. On Sunday, I waited only a couple minutes in line, so going the second day does have advantages.

Late Saturday, there were also professional photos with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson, with a DeLorean, in front of a clock tower backdrop. That would be an amazing photo to have. I think it was also $250, but still, awesome.

People outside were getting into the Back to the Future, too. On the way out was a guy with his own DeLorean. Of course, he allowed people to take photos if they wanted. So here you go, another DeLorean just because.

Photos by Heidi.

- Shawn - 3/31/16