Super Chain Crusher Horizon Challenges Darius as Widest Widescreen Shooter

The Darius games have some of the widest displays of widescreen gaming, but a shooter has arrived that might be even wider: Super Chain Crusher Horizon. SCCH boasts a 3200 x 800 pixel display that I think is actually wider than the ultra widescreen Darius Burst: Another Chronicle. There are two ways to play SCCH. You can play with the Mono Shot utilizing the largest charge gauge ever to create a chain of explosions, or play it like a normal shooter with rapid fire and just shoot everything. Check out the video with some fantastic trance shooting music by Logic Bomb.


Created by Mindware, Super Chain Crusher Horizon is currently available on PC gaming places like Steam for $14.99. This looks absolutely amazing. While I might not be able to put two monitors together, I would love to see this come to the PS4 or another console so I could play ultra widescreen on a normal widescreen TV for some super letter-boxing. (via Siliconera)

Super Chain Crusher Horizon is now wider than the widest of widescreen shooters.

- Shawn - 1/24/15