Super7 Reveals Photos & Details of Alien ReAction Figures and Glassware

Last year at SDCC, Super7 announced that they were making Kenner's lost Alien 3" figures from 1979. This year at WonderCon Anaheim, lucky attendees got to see the finished figures at the Super7 booth. Now, Super7 has posted photos of the figures for the rest of us to see. There are only photos of the Alien, Ripley, Ash, and Kane, though, as Dallas is mysteriously absent. They look fantastic with their full five points of articulation. For accessories, Ripley and Dallas each include a flamethrower, Ash has a motion detector, and Kane has a removable space helmet. The Alien has an extendable jaw and even has a glow-in-the-dark head!

Super7 brings us back the toy tech of 1979 in 2013.

The five figures will be available for pre-order at SDCC 2013. I'm hoping that Super7 is planning on opening pre-orders on their web store, because if pre-orders sell out at SDCC a lot of fans will be plenty furious. Each figure will be $19.99, which may seem like a lot for a 3" figure, but since these will most likely be limited and are figures that no one ever thought would get made in the first place... then the $20 isn't too bad. The figures should be out in August/September.

Possibly what the figure packaging will look like.

Meanwhile, Super7 showed off new photos of their r Alien "fast food" glassware, also originally announced at SDCC 2012. The four 16oz. pint glasses feature the Alien, Ripley and the airlock, the Space Jockey, and Kane's Chestburster. These glasses look amazing and that Chestburster glass in particular is one bloody mess of awesome. The back of the glasses has the evolution of the Alien. The set will run $49.99, which is way more than I'm used to spending on a set of four sweet pint glasses. Pre-orders for the glasses begin in June with the glasses becoming available in July. Be sure to check out more photos the figures and glasses at Super7.

The only kind of liquid allowed in the Chestburster glass is red.

- Shawn - 4/20/13