Super7's Alien ReAction Figures Get an Early Bird Package, Samples, and Freebies at SDCC '13

Super7's upcoming Alien ReAction line is something fans have been waiting over 30 years for, so it's easy to say that these things are going to be hugely popular. At WonderCon this year, Super7 revealed that the figures will be available for pre-order first at SDCC. To sweeten the deal even more, Super7 is adding four SDCC exclusives for those that are going to the con.

First up is the early Bird package. Those that pre-order the figures at SDCC will receive a retro-styled Early Bird Package that contains a display stage, Space Club membership card, photos, and stickers. This will be given to those who pre-order the full set of five figures at SDCC, while supplies last, of course. The set will be $100 and should be shipping anytime in October through December.

The Early Bird Package is the perfect spot to display retro action figures.

The figures will be available to pre-order after SDCC, so if you don't mind missing the Early Bird Package then you still have a shot at getting these.

The second exclusive is a two-pack of "Discovered Sales Samples." This two-pack features the Big Chap Alien and Kane in Nostromo Suit in a test shot blue color inside a "Cancelled" sample box. These aren't actually vintage samples Super7 found from over 30 years ago, they're just made to look like it. The Sample set is limited to 1 per person and will be $40 at SDCC.

Real vintage samples, but not.

The other two exclusives will be free, if you can get them. There will be a display base in the shape of the Alien ReAction logo. If you sign up for Super7's mailing list, you'll get one for free. Finally there is the vintage style Alien ReAction catalog. This 12-page catalog is free and features photos and info on all five figures.

I can see fans trying to get five of these.

I still have many of my old catalogs and this would be a great addition.

Super7 is really making a ton of cool extras for the Alien figures, I just wonder how many of each item are actually being produced. I've seen Super7's lines at previous years at SDCC and they are usually quite long. Hopefully there are enough for most of who want them. To all those going to SDCC to get these, good luck.

- Shawn - 6/23/13