Sub-Zero Tosses his Ice Klone at SDCC

Mezco announced a Mortal Kombat X exclusive for SDCC 2015, Sub-Zero's Ice Klone. Mezco's Ice "Clone" is their already badass Sub-Zero figure in translucent blue. Now, if you have the regular Sub-Zero figure, you can set up a diorama where he's throwing his klone at his opponent... just like in the game!

Ice to meet you.

The figure was sculpted using the digital files from NeatherRealm, so it's as game-accurate as it can be. The figure has 23 points of articulation and includes alternate hands along with the ice ball and ice daggers like the normal figures. If you do use him as an Ice Klone you won't need them, but they are nice to have. This is a cool and somewhat necessary variant for Sub-Zero fans. Sub-Zero's Ice Klone will be $30.00 at SDCC, or you can order him online from (starting 5/12), where they also have more photos of this cold ninja.

- Shawn - 5/3/15