Star Wars Celebration IV Display Photos


Open up R2 and get ready for some hot Pachinko action!

If Darth Vader was a Samurai he would so kick your ass.

This shiny chrome trooper was caged so smelly fans couldn't dirty it with their hand butter.

Don't piss off a Chewbacca, even a Lego one.

This picture was almost impossible to take because of countless little kids touching them.


The concept Sandcrawler, Landspeeder, and a pair of mystery machines.

The concept Star Destroyer and Death Star are different, yet relatively the same.

The concept Millenium Falcon is very long. I can't see that dodging asteroids.

A select few were able to build and paint an Ewok Village out of paper and cardboard.


A meal any Hutt would love. And there were plenty at the show.

A shrine to Samurai Vader.

A full-size X-Wing. On the other side was a Rebel pilot bigger than Porkins.

A full-size landspeeder and an R2-D2 mailbox.


Vote for your favorite epic battle. This one was original.

This battle was in the shape of Rebel and Imperial symbols, but is that an effective strategy?

Since we're more old school fans, our favorite was the Endor battle.

An R2 unit projected a Leia hologram onto this wrinkly paper.

This was the craziest R2 unit at the R2 builder's Club.


If R2 units were Power Rangers, regular R2 would be the blue ranger joined by the red and pink R2 rangers here...

Here is the black R2 ranger (there was also a yellow R2 ranger - not shown). The R2 with the extra stuff on its dome would be the eventual white ranger.

Props to the man who made the spider droid.

The R2 Builders club has many life-size droids such as the concept R2.


We didn't think most of these video game awards were actually produced.

The case contained lots of awards and every Star Wars game made.

This is what happens when you bitch at R2 units for too long.

Tom Servo was going to make a snarky comment, but remembered he wasn't real.


You could get your photo next to this, but there were so many real Fetts around why bother?

Animated Leia's breasts look rather sharp. Plus, check out the Elvis Storm Trooper bust.

A giant inflatable Death Star hung from the entrance ceiling.

A lava droid. He has a bucket. It's full of lava.

People were not allowed on the table so they could get up and yell "Nnooooooooo!"


A massive Lego Death Star, but not made from Legos.

Here you go girls, a pink R2 figure.

The Star Wars Unleashed game will receive its own set of figures.

Super nerds can finally have Vader VS Unicron battles.


Those are torpedoes for the blinkers.

The Rebel Alliance car is kind of supposed to be an X-wing, sort of.

The detail is pretty amazing, though.

The Millenium Falcon car seemed a little dull compared to the Rebel car.


The throne room  set from an upcoming episode of Robot Chicken.

Ships just look better with scary mouths.

A TIE Interceptor with racing stripes.

What's WitchBlade doing at a Star Wars convention? Oh right, plastic boobs.

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Photos by Shawn with additional photos by Paul.