Star Wars Celebration IV Costume Photos


Commander Bacara: Jedi killer and Godzilla fan.

Commander Cody wants to be your best friend... then shoot you in the back.

The ARC and Scout Trooper won gold medals for awesome.

Suddenly, a Shadow Trooper came out of the, uh, shadows.

The best non-Star Wars costumes at the show.


Female Han Solo man-handled fans before they got in.

Pleather-clad Mara Jade.

"Oh! Mr. Vader! Where are your hands? Tee-hee."

Asajj looking cool... and bald.

Gold bikini Leia also comes in blonde flavor.


Here you are KOTOR fans, the two most ass-kickingest costumes at the show.

Here is the innocent cute version of Darth Talon. Notice the clothes.

Here is the dirty hot version of Darth Talon. Notice the lack of clothes.

A snow Padme, a blue thing, and Anakin from Clone Wars.

By far the hottest Leia at the show... wait, she's a mannequin?


Oh, this is why Vader and Obi-Wan were fighting. Now it makes sense.

This squad of Mandalorian Commandos was all female.

Star Wars brings everyone together; the good, the bad, and the portly.

Endor troops looking for ice cream.


Obi-Wan is the Jedi P-I-M-P.

Pimp Obi-Wan does not approve of his slave girls hula dancing.

"I hate kids. Oh man, there's one right next to me isn't there?"

Clone Wars cast with a shirtless Anakin. And a fat Death Star Trooper in back.


" 'Sup."        " 'Sup."

The best Jawa at Celebration IV.

You know, since Clone Troopers are clones, that means this chick was a dude at one time.

He was a little short for a Royal Guard, but he still beat up anyone trying to get downstairs.

Palpatine is strong with the Dark Side because he chomps down on bananas.


This guy is Obi-Wan.

The Jawa is about to work on the incredible looking C3PO.

The best-looking dude in a gold bikini. Also the only dude in a gold bikini.


Well, at least they dressed-up.


Asajj was joined by some Twi'lek Jedi females.

Not a good angle, but you can get a glimpse of the King's Stormtrooper / gold bikini madness.

There were almost as many Amidalas as there were Clone Troopers and Jedi. Here is but a very small sampling of Padmes.

We really hope the Leia on the right is 18. At least it's an example of someone who should not wear the gold bikini.


The group at a different angle. And why isn't that blue one in a cool pose?

Someone's got a little Captain in him.

Oola was embarrassed that people were taking her picture. Don't dress like a slut next time then.

Here you are. One for the road.

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Photos by Shawn with additional photos by Paul.