Space Galaga has a Dandy Trailer

It's Galaga, but you can call it Space Galaga. That first episode of Space Dandy was great, but was a little more ridiculous than I was expecting, more so towards the end of it. Namco has released a new trailer for Meow's "dream game," personified by Space Galaga. It's free-to-play and features ship customization, along with enemies from the anime. So at some point will we get to see Meow play the game on his space phone, or does he just use it to sneak photos of girls from the intergalactic space restaurant Boobies? I don't know how game releases work on Android and iOS, if they are a global release or if this will just be in Japan. Hopefully there will be a Western release, especially considering that Space Dandy premiered on Toonami in the U.S. first. Space Galaga comes out sometime, probably soon.


- Shawn - 1/11/14