Soundwave Drops His Latest Masterpiece During SDCC

The U.S. release of the amazing Masterpiece Soundwave is happening during SDCC, both at and outside of the con. Unlike Hasbro's other SDCC Transformers exclusives, Soundwave is not strictly an exclusive for the convention. Masterpiece Soundwave will debut at the Entertainment Earth/Toys 'R' Us booth and online at Masterpiece Soundwave is actually up at right now, but ordering won't open until July 18th, which is, coincidentally, the first full day of SDCC. Since I'll be at the show I'll have a chance to pick one up there, but I might just try to order one online while I'm there just in case he sells out at the con. That and it would be one less line to stand in. I'm still kicking myself for not buying Masterpiece Grimlock at SDCC because I thought I would see it at a TRU store. I never did. Masterpiece Soundwave will be $120 at SDCC, online, and in TRU stores, if you can find it.

What's great about Hasbro's U.S. release, is that Soundwave includes the five cassettes of Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Frenzy, and Rumble, plus Megatron in gun mode. The previous Japanese releases had Soundwave with Laserbeak, but the other cassettes were separate. Soundwave and the cassettes are packaged in a new closed box, which looks a lot better than the previous Masterpiece Transformers' all see-through packaging.

Masterpiece Soundwave is spinning the hits during SDCC.

Masterpiece Acid Storm will also be debuting at SDCC and on on July 18th, but... it's Acid Storm. Does anyone really care enough about this character? He's not a big-name seeker so a lot of Transformers fans probably won't even bother to get him. Hell, I'm a huge Transformers fan, but I barely care about the character. Masterpiece Acid Storm will be $75.

Masterpiece Acid Storm, only for the hardest of the hardcore fans.

Toys 'R' us has a lot of stuff at SDCC, but nothing as cool as Soundwave. Check out the full list with some super high-res pictures at Action Figure Insider.

- Shawn - 7/3/13