Six PlayStation Systems in One-Sixth

Besides PlayStation Optimus Prime, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. is also making a line of 1/6 scale PlayStation systems in the PlayStation History Collection 20th Anniversary Edition set. First revealed alongside PlayStation Optimus, this line includes the two PS2 systems, the three PS3 systems, and the PS4 (Optimus is most likely not in 1/6 scale, however). Each console also includes accessories like Memory Cards, DualShock 2, 3, 4, and Move controllers with cords, and cameras. Since these are being released in Japan, there are also a couple accessories that never made it stateside like the torne and nasne. What's really great is that the PS2 and PS3 super slim have opening disc trays, to put in one of the six currently unknown games that will be included.

All the numbered PlayStation consoles coming soon in 1/6 scale.

I can think of a few 1/6 scale figures I own that could use some PlayStation in their lives. Think of the great dioramas these could help make. It's too bad a PlayStation or PSOne isn't included in the set and I 'm pretty sure Optimus in PlayStation mode is not in 1/6 scale. The set of PlayStation console will be out in January. Pre-orders have opened at AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan, and you can see more photos at AmiAmi.

Which action figure will get the first game?

There was a line of Sega consoles gashapon that came out in 2004. I don't think they were in 1/6 scale, but they were awesomely detailed and included tons of accessories like these. If you can find them, I recommend picking them up.

- Shawn - 10/4/14