Shiny Colonial Viper SDCC '13 Exclusive

Hot on the six of the SDCC '13 exclusive Cylon Raider is an exclusive Hot Wheels Colonial Viper. Like the Raider, this Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica is also a 1:64 die-cast with a shiny VUM finish packed in the vintage style 1978 packaging. What I want to know is, why isn't Mattel packaging the Raider and Viper together? A two-pack containing both exclusives would make sense because what if one sells out faster than the other? That would be a terrible thing. Hopefully everyone who buys these purchases them evenly.

Shine up that Viper.

As the week goes on, will Mattel reveal more Battlestar Galactica exclusives? If they do I would ask the same question of why these all aren't packaged together. There are a ton more pictures of the Viper at Matty Collector.

Mattel's other exclusive reveal for the day is a two-pack of Superman and General Zod. Yep, packaged together. However, Mattel isn't show the actual figures until 6/17, after pre-orders on 6/4. Huh?

- Shawn - 4/30/13