See the ThreeA Invincible Iron Man In Color

ThreeA has revealed the long-awaited colorways of Ashley Wood's take on the Invincible Iron Man. We've seen the armor before, but now we finally get to see it in color. It's actually four color variations, previously mentioned a couple days ago. The classic red and gold, Silver Centurion, Stealth, and the prototype armor stand tall and proud in 1/6 scale. The armor design has a very stylized classic look, and while not everyone may like the take on the character, I'm digging it. The paint appears metallic and have the usual ThreeA weathering. It looks like this will have LEDs in the eyes and chest. More details will be coming soon, as the figures are supposed to go up for pre-order in early February. Check out a larger image at ThreeA.

An Iron Man you've never seen before. Four of them.

- Shawn - 1/28/14