Robocop Versus The Terminator, Aliens, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Rocket Raccoon, Star Trek Attack Wing, and More

Robocop Vs. The Terminator: This was one of the most surprising reveals for me at SDCC, but based on NECA making tons of Terminator characters, all the variant Robocop figures, and the retro videogame figures, we should have seen this coming. The Robocop Versus The Terminator game was one of my favorites on the SNES, and when I finally bought a Genesis, the completely different version also became one of my favorite game on that system. Two Robocop figures, three Endoskeletons, an Arnold Terminator, and the Terminator dog are coming up. Sure, these are mostly repaints, but it's a quality line for the comics and games I loved. So, will we see ED-209 re-released in RVTT colors?

One of the greatest cross-overs ever is getting figures.

Alien/Aliens: NECA unveiled the first action figures with Sigourney Weaver's likeness. These look amazing and it appears that a Jonesy will be included with each figure. Also on display were the Dog Alien, Kane, Bishop, and Dallas. The massive Alien Queen was there and looked more blue than I remember. I'm going to be buying a lot of Alien figures.

Godzilla: So far, NECA's Godzilla figures seem to be a great alternative to the expensive S.H. MonsterArts figures. While the articulation is different, there is still a lot of it and they are much cheaper. Godzilla '85 and '94 will be the first after the already released Godzilla 2014. The 24" Godzilla 2014 is out now, too.

Pacific Rim: It's great that NECA is continuing to give us every Jaeger and Kaiju from Pacific Rim. Otachi coming in November and even more Jaegers later on. Now that NECA is also making Godzilla figures, we can have the Pacific Rim/Godzilla cross-over we've been wanting.

Rocket Raccoon: NECA is making a life-size Rocket Raccoon figure. The figure was standing at the top of their booth so it was difficult to measure just how big it is. Now have to find room to put him because this is a must-buy. I'm wondering how much articulation the final figure will have. Hopefully it's enough so he's not actually stuck in the turned-head pose. He also needs a gun. A big gun.

Guardians of the Galaxy HeroClix: Man, it's been a long time since I've played HeroClix. I love Guardians of the galaxy, the comics and the movie, so maybe if I get these I'll get back into it. There are also the Inhumans in these, so they're even more awesome.

Star Trek Attack Wing: There's a huge Borg Cube coming for Attack Wing. If I didn't already have the Playmates version that has lights and sounds I'd be tempted to get this one. This Borg Cube must be to scale with at least one of the Attack Wing ships.

Videogame figures: NECA found a way to make a 7" Michael Keaton Batman figure by basing it on the videogame. That was a great game. Sega Master System Rocky actually looks really good. I would expect the paint to be more like the NES videogame figures where they are mostly just a couple colors. I never played Rocky on the Master System, but judging by the figure, it must have looked pretty good. NECA's Master Chief was on display. I have so many of the McFarlane figures; do I also need the 18" NECA Chief?

Predator series 12 and 13 were on display with more retro Kenner predators incoming, which is awesome. There are also more Mogwai and Planet of the Apes. NECA is bringing Body Knockers with many of the same licenses as their Scalers. Oh, and Captain America Sentinel? Did I miss something? Anyway, check out some more photos below.

- Shawn - 8/26/14