SDCC '14: Kotobukiya

Bishoujo, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel, DC, Metal Gear Solid, and More

Kotobukiya had one of the most impressive displays I've ever seen at SDCC. The ArtFX Darth Vader and two Royal Guards standing with hundreds of Stormtroopers lined-up behind them. I don't even want to know how long it took to perfectly place each Stormtrooper.


Most impressive.

Kotobukiya's exclusive for the show was one of their best SDCC exclusives yet: the newer Psylocke statue in her original colors. This statue was first released in her black X-Force outfit. I wasn't that into the standing posed Bishoujo for Psylocke, but this one with the crouching action pose AND in the original colors looks a lot cooler. Not surprisingly, this sold out quick. There was also a metallic Spider-Woman available at Action Figure Xpress, which I believe is still available.

Unpainted prototypes for the Juri, Nina Williams, and Jason Voorhees statues were on display, along with cards for Jubilee, She-Hulk, Wasp, Anna Williams, Zatanna, and Batwoman, who was also there in statue. I have to say though, I absolutely hate the back-breaking ass-forward pose that Nina is in. At least Anna will be in a decent pose. I'm also kind of surprised that Juri isn't in a fighting move pose. The Chun Li and Cammy work so well together in making a complete fight scene when they are placed together. Juri is basically just standing there.

The two Metal Gear Rex models were displayed, along with Metal Gear Ray in a dainty pose. The Halo goods Kotobukiya announced lat year were also display with Two Master Chief statues.

There are lots of cool Marvel statues coming or already out. The Rocket and Groot statue is super cool, there is a sweet Maximum Carnage, along with Rogue, a pair of Deadpools, and the Avengers. There are a lot of nice DC statues, too, including Batman's friends and a bunch of New 52 designs, if you like those.

Three Attack on Titan statues were there with their sword toasters, some Danboard things, and Star Wars kitchen stuff. Anyway, check out the photos below and figure out how you can outdo Kotobukiya with a Stormtrooper display.

- Shawn - 8/30/14