SDCC '14: Bluefin Tamashii Nations

Super Mario Bros., Injustice, Alien Vs. Predator, Star Blazers 2199, Sailor Moon, Gundam, and More

Bluefin had two booths again this year, one with Figuarts, MonsterArts and other figures, while the other had Gundams, model kits, and other stuff. I'll just be combining most of everything into one mega-post, though. If you want to check out Godzilla or Dragon Ball Z stuff, there will be separate posts for them.

The Mario Figuarts are great. There are now three diorama sets and Luigi will be coming out soon. We only saw a teaser title of Injustice last year, but now figures of Batman and the Joker were on display. There were also two silhouette teaser images of Harley Quinn and Superman. The figures are looking good, but it's difficult for me to pay that much for the figures. I might cave for the Harley figure, though.

The Michael Jackson Figuarts were a surprise for me. They're articulated enough so you can put him in any of his dance poses. The Alien Vs. Predator figures are really bad ass, but I'm happy with NECA's offerings at the moment, so I personally don't need another line of Aliens or Predators. Meanwhile at the otherr Bluefin booth, The Star Blazers 2199 models are fantastic and seeing them all lined up is incredibly awesome. Check out all the other goodies, like Sailor Moon and Gundam, below along with the rest of the photos for Injustice, AVP, and Star Blazers.

- Shawn - 8/10/14