Save More of the Last Humans in Resogun Heroes

More green voxel humans will need saving in the upcoming DLC for Resogun, but it'll probably be even more difficult than it is in the normal game. Resogun is an awesome shooter for PS4, and I loved it so much that I got the Platinum trophy for it. The much teased DLC, Resogun Heroes, will include new Survival and Demolition modes. Survival is what it sounds like, but with a new day/night cycle and the humans have parachutes, maybe to make it a little slower in them getting captured if you're busy surviving. Demolition is what Housemarque is calling "Arkanoid meets Resogun." In Demolition, a wrecking ball bounces around the level destroying everything. There is no boost, overdrive, or bombs, only a close proximity explosion to help you maybe not die. There will be multi-ball, ball leveling, and apparently just lots of balls.


Heroes is coming out this month on June 24th for $4.99, but a day before Heroes comes out, there will be a patch that will bring a new ship editor and local co-op. I can't wait to see Vic Viper form Gradius, the R9 from R-Type, and the Galaga Fighter made with the ship editor and fully playable in Resogun. I'm probably going to try to make them myself.

Adding wrecking balls to the insanity of Resogun is insane.

Housemarque has more DLC planned, too, so there will be a Season Pass option for $7.99, which sounds like a pretty good deal for us Resogun lovers. Check out more screenshots at the PlayStation Blog.

- Shawn - 6/14/14