San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Of all the photos I took and didn't take at SDCC07, this one is my favorite. I'll use any excuse to post it again.

Now that most of the writings have been written ("most" as we may or may have not be random SDCC07 posts in the future), I have had time to compile the rest of our photos into a couple of galleries for your visual amusement. We have a gallery of the costumed ones and another of other displays and items that didn't get into any specific article.

There are many costumes that we didn't get pictures of that we have since seen elsewhere because of our limited time at the 'con. The legendary assault of traffic certainly didn't help our photo surplus, but we still left with plenty of pics. Just remember that not all of the pictures are in the galleries, many of them made their way into the various articles, which somehow consisted mostly of cool looking toys and statues.

I would have liked to have gotten some time in at the game booths, but again, time was short. I regret not making it to the Capcom booth to try out Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Sure, I've played the original and mobile versions bazillions of times, but this one has extra HD Remix-iness. I did get to see the new Godzilla Unleashed game for a little bit and it looked just like the others, but with slightly better visuals and wiggle wavy Wii controls. And from what I saw some dude was getting his monster ass handed to him by a six-year-old.

I also totally forgot that Aaron Douglas, Chief Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica, was going to be at the show. I had something for him to autograph, too. Next time, Aaron. You can bet your Cylon baby on it.

Here are the links to the new gallery pages.


SDCC07 Costume Photos

SDCC07 Display Photos

Those two galleries don't contain all the photos, however. Should you want to see my other photos and read the words that accompany them, here are also all the links to my other San Diego Comic-Con articles.

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- Shawn - 08/15/07