R-Type Dimensions Returns on PS3

Tozai is finally bringing R-Type Dimensions to the PS3 on May 20th, over five years since it was first released on the Xbox 360 in early 2009. Dimensions is a compilation of the greatest shooters of all time, the original R-Type and R-Type II. Both games can be played in their original pixel versions or in the updated 3D graphics mode. There's still that weird side-view-but-slightly-behind camera angle along with updated music and features like a slow-mo button. The graphics and camera angle can be switched on the fly for instant comparisons of older versus kind of newer. The Infinite Mode is still here, allowing those without the necessary shooter skills a chance to complete the game. Check out the new trailer for the somewhat old R-Type Dimensions.

Ready yourself for the re-re-release of two of the most difficult shooters ever made. I loved this game back in 2009 and I'll be loving it again in a couple weeks.

The legendary R-Type returns again with new upgrades from five years ago.

- Shawn - 5/10/14