Okkusenman, Mega Man, OKKUSENMAN!!!

I found this awesome video lurking on GameVideos last week. It has made its way to a few video game sites already, but if you have not seen it yet, prepare yourself. This is the best Mega Man song ever recorded.


The music is from Dr. Wily's stage of Mega Man 2, but has been remade. I don't know where the lyrics are from or what video or song was the first to actually use them. I wanted to know more about the song that may or may not be titled Okkusenman (it's shouted in the chorus, so that's what I'm going with right now). I searched high and low for information or lyrics, but everything I found was in Japanese. I believe the original instrumental is from Family CoMcert (click their red links for more music). I could be wrong as my Japanese is a little rusty. I trudged through numerous sites looking for anything I could find and couldn't find anything I was searching for.

I did not end my search empty-handed, however, as I ultimately ended up in the Japanese videos on YouTube and found an alarming number of versions of Okkusenman. Is this the new national pastime of Japan? It must be from the looks of the amount of YouTube videos. In fact, there have been at least sixty of these videos since February 14th until the time I posted this article. I swear two of them appeared as I was writing this.

Since this song rocks harder than a rock to the crotch, I've already gone through all of them to help you see the best ones, and a few that are pretty bad. To get you acquainted with the Rockman 2 / Mega Man 2 song, here is the video with the original game music. Now here is a video of the complete instrumental remake. There is also a deadly instrumental of the game music and remake music together as one. Here is a slightly different guitar take on the remake.

This next instrumental is more recent and is probably my favorite out of the instrumental group. It almost has a garage band style to it, contains some sick drumming, and sounds like something you would pay to go see in concert. Maybe Video Games Live can do this in their next tour. 


The lyrics really bring the song to a whole other plane. There are many videos of different people singing the tune, some much better than others, but none as good as the screaming guy. This one is fairly normal and there are many more like it. Here's one of two guys singing, of which there are also quite a few. This guy sings high. This dude sings even higher.

If you're looking for something more feminine containing actual females, then here is a special Okkusenman sung by Japanese girls. This video has some horrible off-key singing in unison, while another is a complete train wreck. You also must pay very special attention to the death metal mix.

There are a few videos where someone combined vocals from many into one. This is a decent mash-up and one of the better vocal combo videos. This next video was cut together by a surgical master because it sounds damn good.

There is also this great little happy hardcore dance mix with two Japanese female pop stars or pop star wannabes. It sounds more professional than the others and seems like it could be put on the starlets' next album. They would have an instant hit on their hands if it was. What ever it may be for, it's a totally different Okkuseman.


Then we have this next video which contains different music and is four minutes long, instead of being just short of three minutes. Is this the original song that used the Mega Man 2 melodies for the lyrics? Did the lyrics come from this song? I have yet to find out, but judge for yourselves. It sounds too professional to be usual YouTube schlock.

There are also those videos that don't show any Mega Man. That's okay, because there's a super cool Japanese guy playing the song on a guitar. It's just too bad the sound quality of the video is kind of poor. But, wait, what the...? There is even a video of someone dressed up as what looks like a pink Power Ranger dancing and yelling to the music. It's gut-wrenchingly fantastic.

After all the Okkusenman that I found, the screaming guy was still the best. Before I go I will leave you with another great Okkusenman video. It's a combination of many various Okkusenman's, but is done well and sounds like an entire bar full of drunken Japanese Rockman fans singing the song with the screaming guy as their triumphant leader.

Now I just need to find the lyrics so I can perform this at karaoke.

- Shawn - 02/28/07

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