The Monkey's News Box: 12/21/14


  • ThreeA's first figure of their highly anticipated 2000 AD line will be Judge Death. Death is 1/12 scale and will be available January 14th for $60. Death is looking amazing and is just the first with many more characters to follow.

  • Hot Toys has announced a 1/4 scale Little Groot figure. Groot has three faces and is bendy for dance posing action. This Groot stands around 4.75" and will be $45, which is affordable by Hot Toys standards. And at 1/4 scale, it'll go well with the recently announced 1/4 scale Boba Fett because why not.

  • DC Collectibles are finally making a Batman: The Animated Series Batman figure. This is the best Batman. Wave 4 of the Animated Batman line will also have Riddler, Penguin, and New Batman Adventures Batgirl.


  • Final Fantasy XV got a pair of English trailers. The first is an English version of the Tokyo Game Show trailer. The second introduces the new Cid. A female Cid! I can't wait to drive around in a car for hours in a Final Fantasy game. And Visit towns. I miss towns.


  • A new Danganronpa is coming, but it's for mobile. Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle has cute super deformed versions of the Trigger Happy Havoc characters fighting it out. The game will be free-to-play, but you can buy Mono-coins for stuff.

  • There is going to be a Farming Simulator controller. I find it amazing that the Farming Simulator series is popular enough to actually make this. This could beat out Steel Battalion as the most ridiculous game controller.

  • For some reason there will be a Minecraft: Story Mode, a game by Telltale using their glorious story system. Why is this happening?


  • Sonic and Mega Man had a huge cross-over event in the Worlds Collide comics in 2013 and a follow-up series is coming in 2015 titled Worlds Unite. This will include the Mega Man X universe and Sonic Boom (the series where Sonic and the gang all wear bandages). Worlds Collide was pretty great, so this should be a good sequel series, despite all the band-aids.

  • Udon is putting out the call for art for their upcoming Capcom Fighting Tribute. This runs the gamut of Capcom fighting games, even stuff like Knights of the Round.

- Shawn - 12/21/14