The Monkey's News Box: 4/21/13


Transformers will be 30 in 2014. How thrilling! Man, this makes me feel really, really old.

  • Hasbro is letting fans vote on the next official Transformer as part of the 30th Anniversary of Transformers. Choose Autobot or Decepticon, what it transforms into, weapons, color scheme, and personality. Let's all make a cool character. The final chosen character will get its own IDW comic and a toy in the Thrilling 30 line. And please, no more motorcycle Transformers. They never seem to look right. The results will be announced at SDCC 2013.

  • Meanwhile, Gizmodo has an in-depth and detailed look at how a Transformer is made. It's a very cool to see the process of concept to toy. They also have a video explaining some of the process of designing the new Predaking.

  • S.H. FigureArts Sailor Moon is coming to punish fools in August. Tamashii Nations' Sailor Moon features three interchangeable faces, alternate hands, Moon Stick, effect parts for the tiara, and her cat Luna. There haven't been any Sailor Moon toys in ages, so expect this figure to be hugely popular. I wouldn't be surprised to see the entire Sailor Scout roster eventually get released.

  • Palladium Games is holding a Kickstarter for Robotech RPG Tactics tabletop game. This looks amazing and you get so many pieces with it, plus bonuses if you do the Kickstarter. The game easily met its goal, but hopefully Harmony gold doesn't come in and ruin it for everyone.


  • A Link to the Past is getting a sequel. This is what I've been wanting all these years; more of the best Legend of Zelda game. This sequel features vertical gameplay where Link must find ways to get to the top pf towers and, strangely, Link can become a paper version of himself to reach other platforms. This may finally force me to finally get a 3DS.

  • Earlier this week, a former Sega employee revealed the unreleased Sega Pluto, basically a Saturn with Netlink. Only two Pluto consoles actually exist. Lo and behold a day later, a Destructoid reader discovered that he had the other Pluto. Now that Pluto is up for auction and is sure to command a hefty price tag.

  • Shin Megami Tensei IV will be out for the 3DS on July 16th with a limited edition. The limited edition will include a 176-page artbook/strategy guide, and CD soundtrack selection all in a slipcase.

  • It looks like Capcom wants better story modes in their future fighting games. Mortal Kombat's story mode was fantastic as it let you take control of all the characters throughout the course of the larger story. If Capcom can make story modes similar to that, then we're in for a treat.

TV / Movies

  • Space Battleship Yamato 2199 will be hitting overseas as Star Blazers 2199. There is no release date yet, but it's good to see that we'll get an official release in the U.S.

  • Heroes might be returning as a Xbox original programming series, because Microsoft wants original shows on Xbox. I guess Heroes couldn't get any worse than seasons 3 and 4 could it?

- Shawn - 4/21/13