NECA's SDCC '13 Exclusive Albino Predator

NECA previously hinted that their Predator exclusive for SDCC 2013 might be from the Batman: Dead End fan film, the same place the incredible Big Red Predator came from, and it is. The Albino Predator, revealed as a part of Action Figure Insider's 8th Anniversary week, has a very unique color scheme and brand new shoulder armor. It's crazy how NECA is making official Predator figures from a fan film, especially considering that Big Red and Albino only got a few seconds of screen time. While this guy isn't nearly as bas-ass as Big Red, I do like the look of it because it's so unique among the other Predators. There's still plenty of time to reveal more for the figure before SDCC so I hope it includes an accessory of some sort. Based off NECA's $25 price tag for exclusive last SDCC, I suspect the Albino Pred will run the same.

Albino Predator doesn't hunt in the sunlight.

- Shawn - 4/27/13