NECA Re-Makes Kenner Ambush Predator for SDCC

NECA continues their awesome practice of re-making all the old Predator figures I had as a kid. This time it's Kenner's classic mail-away Ambush Predator. This won't be a mail-away offer, though; it's an exclusive at SDCC 2015. The snap-on weapons and mask have been upgraded with slightly more detailed silver paint instead of the old, easily-chipped cheap chrome paint, but it does include a second included vac-metal mask for a more vintage look. There is no black chest plate like the original, but the second mask makes up for it.

Even as a kid I thought it was weird that the clear Predator had super shiny weapons when he was supposed to be in stealth mode. You could see his weapons from miles away.

I was excited when I received my original in the mail back in 1993. These days my original figure is looking a little yellowed in places, so hopefully NECA's won't yellow. I've picked up all of NECA's Kenner classic series Preds so far and I'll be sure to get this one, too. Check out many more photos at Action Figure Insider who got the exclusive reveal.

New/old Pred sports the new version of the mask.

- Shawn - 4/25/15