NECA's Classic 8-Bit Predator Can Kill It

Slyly teased a couple weeks ago, NECA has fully revealed their awesome 8-bit NES Predator. The fourth in NECA's classic videogame figures, this Jungle Hunter Predator is shades of blue, with black, and apparently a hint of cel-shading. The box is also the same as the other figures in the series and is essentially a beefier version of the the original NES box. The figure is limited to one production run, so get it while you can when it's released in May.

The Predator in full 8-bit glory.

Hey NECA, make 8-bit Dutch next!

NECA seriously needs to make an 8-bit Dutch to go along with this guy. I think it's the only variant of Dutch not yet made.

- Shawn - 1/30/14