NECA Brings Endoglow Terminator from the Past to SDCC 2015

NECA isn't just re-making Kenner's old Predator figures, they're now re-making Kenner's old Terminator figures. For this year's SDCC, they now have at least two Kenner throwback figures: the Ambush Predator and the Endoglow Terminator Endoskeleton.

Come to SDCC if you want to glow.

NECA's updated Endoglow Endoskeleton is the same 7" tall 25-point articulated Endoskeleton they have already made, but with some glow-in-the-dark parts. It isn't a fully glow-in-the-dark figure; only the head, chest, and thighs glow on this Endoglow, which is similar to the splotchy glow job done on the original figure. The packaging is also almost the same art as the 90's original. NECA's figure, however, includes a phased plasma rifle instead of a flame thrower blaster.

Those four glowing parts still don't make sense, but you know, retro.

I don't remember if I actually had the original figure or not. I certainly remember it, but did I ever buy it? I'm not sure, but I'll be sure to pick this one up. The SDCC Unofficial Blog got the exclusive reveal of this awesome retro-inspired figure, so visit them to see much bigger photos.

- Shawn - 4/29/15