NECA's 16-bit Predator Coming to Town for a Few Days

At this point NECA has basically made every Predator that made an appearance in Predator 2 and even re-made a couple, but they found at least one more they can release; the Predator's 16-bit videogame appearance. Similar to the previous  videogame inspired 8-bit Predator figure, the City Hunter Pred has been repainted based on the coloring in the Sega Genesis title. The 16-bit inspired paint gives the figure a very cool color scheme of bronze and black with blue highlights, along with the required skull and spine. The Videogame Predator 2 figure will be out in May, for at least a few days.

Predator is in town with a few days to kill and rip out spines.

At this point NECA should try to get the likeness rights to Danny Glover to really complete their Predator 2 line. I'm sure they could get it if they want it. It's NECA, they can get anybody.

- Shawn - 1/10/15