Metroplex Heeds the Call of SDCC '13 Transformers Exclusives

Metroplex, the largest Transformer ever, is on his way to Comic-Con. Many fans thought it was weird when Hasbro first announced the bulk of their SDCC goodies there was no stand-alone Transformers exclusive. Well, Hasbro were just saving not just one, but three of them for an announcement at BotCon. There were rumors that there would be an exclusive version of Metroplex. Standing at over two feet tall, the SDCC version of Metroplex has metallic armor, a chrome face, a second huge gun for giant dual-wielding action, and an additional twelve mini-figurines. The twelve mini-figurines look to be unarticulated and could possibly be not-painted, being molded in a single color, but it's an additional something else for the exclusive. SDCC Metroplex will be $149.99. Hopefully Hasbro will place a limited of one per person on this guy so we don't run into a situation like last year's Bruticus. As we learned from Bruticus, a high price does not matter in the midst of SDCC.

If you don't need the extra stuff, then the retail Metroplex is already up for pre-order at BBTS for $109.99 and will be available August 1st, unless you were at BotCon this weekend and grabbed him early.

Metroplex destroys puny SDCC exclusives.

Hasbro is bringing something a little different with the Transformers Titan Guardian action figures. Remember the Action Masters? These figures seems kind of similar to those in that these don't transform. These six inch figures are cartoon accurate representations of five of the best characters in Transformers lore: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Grimlock. These look to have extremely limited articulation, but look amazing nonetheless. The set of five will be $39.99 and at that price, I really hope Hasbro has a limit of one per person. Especially at that price.

Action Masters have returned, in a way.

Hasbro also has an exclusive for Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters with Shockwave's laboratory set. This include Transformers Prime Shockwave in G1 colors and a smaller Predaking in "Energon fused" paint scheme, meaning Predaking is mostly clear with some purple accents. The little Predaking can be placed in a cloning tube for Shockwave's devious experiments. Shockwave is one of my favorite characters, and with him being painted in G1 colors, well, this is a no-brainer. Shockwave's Lab will be $49.99 at SDCC.

Shockwave's tube can fit many other Transformers. Let the evil experiments begin!

Now that Hasbro has finally revealed all their Transformers exclusives, it still seems odd that they haven't announced any stand-alone G.I. Joe exclusive. Will the G.I. Joe and the Transformers set really be the only Joe item? Not a big deal if it is since there are so many Transformers exclusives now. Check out a ton of photos from BotCon of the SDCC exclusives to get a look at the packaging and other angels of these awesome things.

- Shawn - 6/30/13