Mazinger Z Brings Rocket Punches from ThreeZero

ThreeZero has revealed specs and photos of their more realistic take on Mazinger Z. Working with Mazinger creator Go Nagai, ThreeZero has made one of the most incredible Mazinger Z figures ever. The mechanical pieces and paint apps really turn Mazinger Z from an anime/manga giant robot to a possible real life looking mecha. The fully articulated Mazinger Z stands a proud 16" tall, has a detachable Hover Plider, Iron Cutters, Mighty Sword, and light-up eyes. Those that order the figure direct at will also receive a Doublas M2 severed head. Doublas never stood a chance.

Super Alloy Z never looked so good.

Mazinger Z goes up for pre-order at 9am April 25th Hong Kong time for $330, which would be sometime on the night of the 24th for Mazinger fans in the U.S. Mazinger Z will be available at other retailers, but without the Doublas head. Check out all the photos on ThreeZero's Facebook page.

- Shawn - 4/19/14