Master Chief Rides a Bronze Pelican to SDCC

Dark Horse's Bronze Pelican replica was an obvious exclusive for SDCC this year. Ever since Dark Horse announced they were going to make Halo ship replicas, much like their popular Mass Effect ships, I was waiting for the day when they would announce a bronze Halo ship for SDCC 2015. I figured it would either be the Pelican or the Infinity, but this year the Pelican gets bronzed. Both ships are important in the Halo-verse, but I'm glad they went with the Pelican since it's been around since the first game. The Pelican will be limited to 400 pieces and cost $50. Halo is about to get big again with Halo 5, so this might be a quick seller.

Halo's signature dropship, bronzed for fancy battle drops.

Check out the rest of Dark Horse's SDCC 2015 exclusives, including a slipcase edition of the complete Alien/Predator/Prometheus Fire and Stone series, Dragon Age: Inquisition playing cards, and a cat-sized Game of Thrones crown. Neat.

- Shawn - 6/19/15