Mass Effect Minimates Calibrated Two Inches at a Time

Mass Effect Minimates Series 1 won't be traipsing about random retail stores because they are exclusive to GameStop. Being exclusive is fine, although a little weird for such a high profile series, but the problem is that these are in blind bags. They couldn't do these in two-packs or four-packs or single window boxes like all the other Minimates out there? Ugh. At least all the figures are easy to figure out who's in the bag when dong a feel test. If you're looking for a set and hate blind bags it will be no problem to identify Default Male Commander Shepard, FemShep, Garrus, Tali, Liara, Wrex, Ashley, and the Illusive Man.

The Mass Effect crew in 2-inch Minimate form.

I went out to buy seven of these and had no problem figuring out who was in each blind bag. All the characters have a unique piece like Garrus' head, Wrex's big armor, Tali's helmet, or Space Racist's skirt uniform. The Illusive Man is the elusive figure, meaning he's rare and hard to find at only one per case. However, if you get to feel out a brand new case like I did (the GameStop I went to had to get these out from the back), then you should be able to nab him since he's the only figure that's normal... and has a cigarette. I passed on Default Male Shepard since I played FemShep during the series.

The results of my feel tests. My feels were correct it seems.

All the figures include an accessory or two and a display stand, so there are a good amount of options for you to swap pieces if you need to. There could be a few series of these to get every major and slightly major character out. If a second series comes out I hope it's not blind-bagged like these were, but if they are it probably won't be too difficult to get the characters you want.

- Shawn - 12/23/14